About Us


mindfit studios is the first studio for mental fitness.
We help people to achieve a deep inner
satisfaction with themselves, others and the world.


We want to contribute to a world that goes beyond right and wrong. Which becomes a place beyond "right" and "wrong". In which everything is connected to everything else. And in which everyone feels valuable. Because peace begins in the mind.

With mindfit studios we have turned our passion into a profession.

We are passionate about people and the complexity and workings of the psyche. Why do we do what we do? What can each of us do to shape our lives in a way that pleases us? We focus on the well-being of all of us. In doing so, we combine the scientific findings of psychology, neurology and philosophy in a targeted and so far unique way. For a long time we would have described ourselves as "thinkaholics". Identified with our knowledge and thinking, successfully making plans and achieving goals. We love to learn, to research and to try. We still do, but today it is more than that. We feel, realise and are. Let's live, exercise and work together!


As an economist, I had already been running my own business for a few years. I would have basically described myself as a "perfectly normal" person. If it hadn't been for those stressful thoughts... It was never good enough. I always knew something wrong with myself.

At some point it just became so unbearable that I no longer wanted to live with this inner "radio". And so I first started myself what is now integrated in the mindfit studios concept: a "survival training", so to speak. I checked every oppressive belief, for an hour in the morning and often for several hours in the evening. Meditated through weekends. And found out how to reconnect with myself instead of holding on to "I should" and "I must" sentences.

I learned to have basic trust again - in myself. And it is exactly this "peace in the mind" that I wish for every person in the world without exception. That's why I love what we do at mindfit studios.


"I am responsible for the feelings of my partner, family and friends." This was one of my deepest beliefs in the past.

As soon as someone was sad or angry, I made my behaviour the cause. Feelings of guilt were then my companion. I tried to make everyone happy, quickly withdrew when I couldn't and avoided unpleasant situations. So even as a qualified psychologist, I was not free from blocking thought patterns. There are now several years of training between this thought and my present awareness.

Today, I no longer take responsibility for the decisions and feelings of others or argue with reality. Rather, I can give myself and others the appreciation for their own path. That is why I am full of anticipation to have created a "place" with mindfit studios© where mental fitness finally finds its place in every person's life - outside norms, stereotypes, disorders and prevention.

Because I see a future where it is normal to take care of one's mental fitness and take responsibility for one's well-being. So that we can find peace within ourselves, finally hear our own deepest truths again and thus find the strength to go our own way in harmony with our inner convictions.

"Once you have found yourself, there is nothing in this world to lose."

Stefan Zweig