Corporate mental health partner programme


Our common vision

We see a future
in which the training of
mental fitness is as
as normal as working out
in the gym.

By participating in the Corporate Mental Health Partner Programme of mindfit studios© , companies take responsibility for the mental health of their employees. They show that it is important to promote inner health as well as physical health. So that employees in companies can feel real satisfaction, build up a better relationship with themselves and with their colleagues and can do their job again with more joy and efficiency.

of all people are affected by mental health problems in the course of their lives.


10% of the workforce receive a permanent place for M-membership in mindfit studios®. Employees train their mental fitness in more than 50 online live courses per month with experienced psychologists and trainers and receive unlimited access to the video gallery, home workouts and the mindfit studios® community.


Corporate Mental Health Partners fly the flag. We provide banners, a seal and other marketing materials for the corporate website or intranet and print materials for free. So that companies not only do good - but also talk about it. Because only by dealing with the topic of mental health openly and as a matter of course will we succeed together in turning a taboo topic into a lifestyle in the future!


The cooperation agreement includes a fixed quota for at least 10% of the workforce over a term of 12 months. The price per membership for Corporate Mental Health Partners is reduced by more than 50% from 69€ to 36€ (plus VAT) for the M-membership. An increase of the contingent at the same conditions is possible at any time.

You have the opportunity to promote the mental health of your employees through benefits in kind according to § 8 para. 2 EStGB.

The investment in the health of
health of the employees
pays off today and tomorrow
for companies.

Return on
Prevention (ROP)

Double the effort: According to a study by the German Social Accident Insurance, every euro invested in preventive health care more than doubles the return on investment. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in the mental health of employees through the Corporate Mental Health Partner Programme.

Advantages for

  • Reduction of opportunity costs caused by limited performance and high absenteeism of employees
  • Increase empathy and understanding within the company
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through active listening training
  • Gratitude of the employees for the employer's commitment
  • Long-term and personal employee retention
  • Strengthening the employer brand through a pioneering role in mental health
  • Meaningful contribution to society

Advantages for

  • M-Membership for 0 €
  • More than 50 online live courses per month
  • Video Gallery with Tutorials & Home Workouts for Inner Fitness
  • Positive effects on the cardiovascular system by activating
    of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Better relationships in private and at work
  • Higher overall life satisfaction
  • Better sleep and more resilience
  • Sustainable strengthening of inner resources for job, everyday life & family

What the training
at mindfit
studios© does

80% less anger and stress within 12 months with regular training!
15 minutes of anger use up as many energy reserves as eight hours of work.

More serenity,
and joie de vivre


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